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About Us

Passion & Experience

Our history

Real Simple Delicious founder Robyn Bell

Robyn Bell founded Real Simple Delicious in Calgary, Alberta because she wanted to help people. A dedicated home chef with over 15 years experience in the food industry, Robyn has collected, tweaked, and created countless recipes. With a strong desire and passion to cook for friends and family, it was time to move out of her own kitchen and in to others.

How we can help

Get help in the kitchen with our Calgary cooking lessons

We can help people who are looking to eat healthy food prepared at home, who want to learn to cook something to impress friends, family, or their significant other, or who are looking to replicate the amazing food they ate during their last holiday. Real Simple Delicious mentors also have experience making food from scratch, creating low-sodium and vegetarian dishes, batch cooking and meal preparation, and cooking authentic ethnic food.

Taking cooking lessons with Real Simple Delicious can also help:

Calgary cooking lessons
  • reduce the learning curve of taking a cooking class, then trying to replicate that dish at home with different equipment;
  • reduce the cost & knowledge required when hiring a professional chef;
  • increase your overall confidence in your cooking abilities.